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ThinkCentre M93p

This is my primary application server, running Proxmox on Debian.#

  • FQDN: think.home.tomr.network


- i7 4770
- 24GB RAM
- 500GB 850 EVO SATA SSD
- 2x 4TB Seagate Ironwolf HDDs (ZFS Striped)

Containers and VMs

ID Type Hostname IP Purpose
100 VM think-docker Runs Potainer, to manage Docker containers for applications
101 VM truenas TrueNAS, for file storage and sharing. Has the HDDs passed through.
102 CT nginx Misc webhosting, mostly non-static PHP-based things
103 CT tailscale (VLAN 250) Tailscale Subnet Router
104 CT agh AdGuardHome, formerly on a Raspberry Pi but it proved unreliable
152 VM sdr Software defined radio; has a USB SDR dongle passed through and feeds to FlightRadar24 and ADS-B Exchange.
153 CT at-warrior ArchiveTeam Warrior
160 VM winserver Windows Server, for WDS and other Windows things
161 VM winserver-test Windows Server, but for testing things

FIXME Pages with details about all of these containers

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