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Welcome to the Homelab section of the Wiki!

Below is a list of some bits that make up my lab.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p

This is my main server machine. It's three times more powerful than the HPE Proliant tower it replaced, while using far less power and creating far less noise. It runs most of the applications on the network, such as this Wiki, UNMS, GitLab and Plex.

CPU i7 4770
RAM 20GB (4 + 8 + 8)
OS Proxmox VE on Debian
PSU Stock
SSD 250GB Samsung 850 EVO
HDD 500GB Toshiba DT01ACA050

Lenovo ThinkCentre E73

For playing with other operating systems and etc. Specs & Details

Synology DS218

With (2) 2TB WD Blacks in RAID 0. Plex media and other data is stored here. Backups are taken regularly to a local HDD and anything important also lives in the cloud.

Old Server


Raspberry Pis

My Pi 3B acts as a reverse proxy using NGINX (you're accessing this Wiki through it!). It also serves as a general miscellaneous web server for many sites that don't necessarily need guranteed uptime.

My Pi 0 runs AdGuardHome to block ads/tracking across the network by acting as a DNS server.

Other Bits

EdgeRouter X

Cheaper than the UniFi alternatives and can be powered over PoE. At some point I might replace this with a Dream Machine but they're still not perfect.

EdgeSwitch 24 Lite

Very overkill for this setup but it integrates with UNMS along with the EdgeRouter and means I won't run out of ports anytime soon. If I switched to a UniFi router then this would be downgraded to a smaller UniFi switch.

UniFi UAP U6-Lite

This is the primary WAP. Mostly bought as an excuse to fiddle with the UniFi controller.

Openreach Nokia ONT

Connects me to the Openreach Fibre(TTP) network. Vodafone is my ISP, speeds are 500/70. ++++

If you're here, you might fancy a skim of my awful homelab-related blog posts. If you'd like to see my fancypants diagram, let me know.

If you want to get started on your own homelab, I recommend /r/homelab and their excellent wiki.
You almost certainly shouldn't take my anything listed on this page as a recommendation - I barely know what I'm doing myself!

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