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Containers and VMs on ThinkCentre M93p are automatically backed up to ds218 every Sunday morning.

Data from the TrueNAS VM is backed up manually manually from the CLI, on a regular basis. - Content of the home dataset is copied to a 4TB WD Green - Content of the media dataset is copied to a 3TB WD Green

# Unlock the encrypted drive - X = size of drive, Y = letter
cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdY wd-green-Xtb
# Mount the unlocked partition to a folder, X = size of drive
mount /dev/mapper/wd-green-Xtb /media/wd-green-Xtb
# Copy the data with rsync (make sure to edit to the dataset)
rsync -avvP /mnt/essential-waitrose-pool/(home/media) /media/wd-green-Xtb
# To Unmount
umount /media/wd-green-Xtb
cryptsetup luksClose /dev/mapper/wd-green-Xtb
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