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Recreate OS X Lion Recovery

Steps taken from from this StackOverflow answer by Lloeki

  • Download the Lion Recovery Update v1.0 from Apple or recoveryhdupdate-apple-osxlion.dmg
  • Mount it:
    hdiutil attach ~/Downloads/RecoveryHDUpdate.dmg
  • Extract its contents:
    pkgutil --expand /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Lion\ Recovery\ HD\ Update/RecoveryHDUpdate.pkg ~/Desktop/RHD
  • Mount a package contained within:
    hdiutil attach ~/Desktop/RHD/RecoveryHDUpdate.pkg/RecoveryHDMeta.dmg
  • Run that package to recreate the recovery partition:
    ~/Desktop/RHD/RecoveryHDUpdate.pkg/Scripts/Tools/dmtest ensureRecoveryPartition / /Volumes/Recovery\ HD\ Update/BaseSystem.dmg 0 0 /Volumes/Recovery\ HD\ Update/BaseSystem.chunklist
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