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The Homelab Todo List

  • Mayyyybe move away from PVE containers and try Docker/similar again?
  • Move from to (fuck paying an extra 20 quid a year) DONE
  • Properly firewall VLANs DONE
  • UniFi APs for better coverage & VLAN support DONE
  • Eventually completely move to UniFi from Edge - BUT WHY THO
  • Properly mount/organise kit (not necessarily rack)</de> - Off-Site backup somewhere (College OneDrive/Google Drive?) - <del>Move EdgeRouter downstairs and use PoE passthrough to power UAP. Maybe flash UAP with DD-WRT/similar?
  • Bigger Synology and use small one as NVR
  • 10 gig for Syno+PC (CSS610-8G-2S+IN?)
  • Smol switch for right side of desk (Microtik cool but expensive) DONE
  • Alpine Linux instead of just rolling with Debian/Ubuntu

Things to Check Out

  • Caddy as rev proxy BAD
  • Wireguard (PiVPN) DONE
  • Pi-Hole alternatives (AdGuard Home) DONE
  • Revisit Jellyfin
  • Openreach FTTP providers + weatherproof ethernet/smart looking conduit
  • ThrottleStop
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